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Hi, I’m Lucy, co-owner of Social Butterfly School. And this week’s topic, dating. Dating can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Imagine how difficult it becomes four teens with autism who have challenges understanding social situations. They will need your support to understand about dating and maintaining healthy relationships. Here are some questions you can ask to guide your discussion:
What qualities are they
looking for in a significant other?
What is important to them for the
How does the other person
make them feel?
And what are their dating fears.
Advice you can give your teen or young adult on how to prepare for a date:
First of all, plan the date. Where, when and what time. Second, discuss the plans with the other person. Third, very important, shower. Four, put on nice clothes. Fifth, do your hair, brush your teeth, and make sure
you smell good.
Do’s and don’ts to share with your teen:
  • Do
    • be honest
    • plan ahead
    • and be attentive to your date
  • Don’t
    • don’t have anybody come over to play video games or be on your phone
    • don’t be pretencious
    • and avoid uninvited physical advances

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