Innovating Special Education

TF-Lens is a holistic approach to innovating special education. We assist school systems in mapping their why, evaluating current service delivery, setting objectives, aligning staff, and monitoring progress for continuous service improvement. Get in touch

TF-Lens Services

Does your strategy map to your purpose? Are all your leaders and employees aligned to meet your objectives and drive business results. Strategic Mapping can help create a strategic direction that maps to the organization’s purpose. A strategy that maps to purpose is the foundation to creating a compassionate, cohesive and collaborative culture that produces business results. Get in touch

Oko is an online assessment tool used to evaluate service delivery across the continuum, providing key information to develop staff with the goal of delivering quality and sustainable services. Get in touch

Do you have a people strategy? Do you want to create a positive employee experience and retain your great employees? Are you worried about addressing issues arising from remote work, social injustice, diversity and burnout? Talent optimization is the solution for you. Align your people to your purpose! Get in touch

Guide specific areas within special education, IDEA and state law, IEP writing, evidenced-based practices, service delivery across the continuum, and review of special education practices and detailed recommendations for areas of improvement. Get in touch

Provide staff training on IEP writing, evidenced-based practices, effective programming, and more. We also assist in effectively coaching classroom teams in service delivery. Get in touch

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