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Hi, I’m Lucy, co-owner of Social Butterfly School. And this week’s topic is implementing a successful schedule. We’re living through unprecedented times. And parents are dying for structure in their home, so they’re developing schedules, which is an amazing idea. However, the failure comes with implementation. I’m gonna give you four tips to help you successfully implement your schedule. Here we go:

Tip 1:  Set up the environment

Make sure that you predetermine the location of your activity and that you have your materials ready. So for example,
if you say it’s art time, make sure that the materials are at the table.

Tip 2: Use rewards

Remember, you want your child to be motivated. So limit access to some preferred items so that you can use that as a reward for the harder task they have to do in a day.

Tip 3: Transitions

You have to think about how your child is going to transition from one activity to the next. You can use timers, music or just give them a five minute warning.

Tip four: Teach the schedule

You have to go over the schedule with your child, and every time you complete a task, refer back to it and check it off, celebrating success.

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