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Hi, I’m Lucy, co-owner of Social Butterfly School. And this week’s topic is daily activities. And I know what you’re thinking. I have to pick a lot of activities each day. You don’t. Pick one activity. Celebrate the small successes. You can do it!

What is the goal? The goal is to find activities that you or siblings can do together that involves the special interests of the child with autism.

Plan the activities of the day in advance.

Work through any negative feelings that may arise. And, allow time apart for individual interests.

Here are some ideas you can try this week:

You can play games together. So just computer games, board games and outdoor games that focus on the strengths of the child.

You can make a craft together. It could be a sibling or it can be you with your child.

You can watch movies or TV shows together that that also you like and talk about what you’re looking at.

And lastly, taking walks. It’s a great time of sharing our feelings, our thoughts of the day and just decompressing.

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