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Hi, I’m Lucy, co-owner of Social Butterfly School. This is the first week of a four-part series on behavioral strategies. This week’s topic creating a positive environment at home.

Setting expectations, being consistent and following through.

Example, if you tell your child, first parcel and then take a walk, you have set the expectation. Make sure you do not postpone the walk. If you don’t follow through, it sends mixed messages, it creates an unpredictable environment and it can cause problem behavior

Let your child know what’s happening next. Our kids have a difficult time with transitions. Make sure to let them know the activities of the day and give them a warning before each one. We need to give them time to process.

Praise your child for following directions. Praising the child lets them know what they’re doing correctly, it encourages them to repeat the same behavior and it helps your child to see you as reinforcement.

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